Discover Hercegovina tour is a unique experience. Makes you discover several locations worth seeing, exploring, and talking to your friends about. First stop on Discover Herzegovina tour has the taste of ex-Yugoslavia. Infamous socialistic society had huge investments in every aspect of military infrastructure. One of the monuments is located only ten minutes Southern from Mostar, abandoned aircraft hangar. Yugoslavian revolutionary, Josip Tito had fighter jets placed deep in the mountainous bowels of the hanger, ready to deploy. The natural fortress protected the planes from attack, as well as from the prying eyes of citizens and spies.

If you are looking for a touristic atraction a bit older than one from Yougoslawian era, then Blagaj is the right place for you. Its a place where history, religion, and one- of- kind nature mix together in a mistic-spiced combination. Dervish monestary carved into a breathtaking cliff in 17th century, is a place where you can catch bright sun, blue sky, and fresh water from Buna spring, which is among the strongest springs in Europe.

After that we take you to Počitelj, listed as a UNESCO heritage site, built in 14th century by the order of Bosnian king Tvrtko. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe. Artist paint and sculpture every part of Pocitelj, including amazing fruit that grow around it. If you are not an artist, and not planing to paint, you can always enjoy eating figs, grapes, pomegranates and other various organic fruit.

Kravice waterfalls is a place where we just leave you to have fun. Swim, dive from a cliff, splash, ride a canoe, grab a selfie under one of the bigest waterfalls in Balkans. Its an oasis of life, its an oasis of fun, its everyones favourite destination.

Last part of Hercegovina tour is located on a hill above Mostar. Here you can see a fabulous daylight view of the town, with a comprehensive explanation of the latest war in this city, and what happend between the lines, based on your tourist guide experiences and first hand stories.


Tour price: 30€ per person
Duration: 8h
Departure location: From any location you request

Additional information:
– Everyone can participate,
– One meal and drink are included in the price,
– Includes the English speaking tour guide and transportation,
– Entrance ticket are not included in the price,
– Minimum 2 persons