Everything experiences history, but history doesn’t leave a mark on everything. This is not the case with Mostar. Walking trough the streets of Mostar takes you on a 500 year long journey condensed into a tour in which you get to see history unfold in front of your eyes. Mosques, bridges, houses and tombstones made 500 years ago by some of the greatest Ottoman architects quickly give way to beautiful monumental Austro-Hungarian buildings.

All of a sudden those too are replaced by locations and monuments built during Yugoslavia, many still scarred by the 92-95 war. All of these, are marks and lessons that history left us as a gift and named it Mostar. Join our tour and let 500 years of history serve as an overture to a simple walk through a complicated town! Let history unfold in front of your eyes. During our tour you get to visit the most important historic locations in Mostar, dating from the 16th to the 20th century.


Tour price: 15€ per person

Duration: 1h : 30min.

Departure location: From any location you request

Additional information:

– Everyone can participate
– The tour is a walking tour
– The entrance fees are not included in the price.